Some Important Pieces of Relationship Advice // Thought Catalog

by WildChild

1. “If you have more than five deal breakers, you are the deal breaker.” – Dan Savage

I don’t know the exact moment, podcast, blog or book Dan said this in (it might be from his book The Commitment, which should be required reading) but it is absolutely true. If you keep rejecting people because they aren’t wearing the shoes you and your friends deem acceptable, you are limiting yourself in a way that is entirely self-destructive. Do you want an example of five acceptable deal breakers? Here are mine:

  1. Uses “gay” as a derogatory term.
  2. Is rude to waiters/ cab drivers/ homeless people.
  3. Has the same dirty dishes in the sink as the last time you came over.
  4. Thinks pop music is dumb.
  5. Says mean things about you or your body.

Those are my five. Make your five and then promise yourself you will get over the rest. Otherwise, you will be ALONE FOREVER.

2. “If you work really hard and are kind, amazing things will happen.” – Conan O’Brien

This quote is technically not about love or relationships, but then again, itso is. When you are in a relationship, the hardest part is working hard at it when it isn’t fun, and being kind when you want to murder your partner’s face off. But I can promise you, if your heart is in the “trying to make it happen” basket, working hard and being kind are the two things that will always get you through. Any senior citizen couple holding hands on a park bench will tell you that.

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What are YOUR five?