Lana Del Rey // Hate to Love or Love to Hate

by WildChild

This girl has had the world confused? for a bit.  Is there talent?  Is she backed behind money?  Are her lyrics really her feelings, dark and twisty/weird & creepy?  I have no clue but I am kind of obsessed.  Her album came out and killed it. I enjoy her songs and her personality does not totally suck.  Plus if I had enough money for some serious marketing behind me, creepy writers, and plastic surgery, who knows maybe I would dive in to.  Get over it folks, she’s here to stay.  She may need to tone it down on whatever bro she is stuck on, and how she is sleeping on her boyfriends couch.  Sweetie you are living at the Ritz, don’t pretend.

Interview with Lana:

British Vogue Cover Shoot