Hollow heavy eyes // Follow in your light // I’m a ghost tonight

by WildChild

because my heart is a stone
Until you make it right
I could live forever
Forever forever forever

So tell me can you see
See the walls through me?
Because how could a love so crazy
Be so easy to ignore


Chairlift‘s second full-length, Something, is a major creative leap, but on a superficial level, it’s not that different from their debut. They’re still mining uncool and untapped corners of 1980s pop for inspiration, and singer Caroline Polachek has doubled down on a vocal style that alternates between joyfully expressive and charmingly deadpan. But the melodies are bolder, the arrangements have more snap and sparkle, and Polachek has thankfully moved beyond the first album’s overly cerebral lyrics to embrace emotionally potent lines that explore the subtler dynamics of romantic relationships and the evolution of character.