Charli XCX //I’ll Never Know

by WildChild

Recorded with designer Fred Butler.

Barely concealed laziness is all that’s prevented me from bending ears about Charli XCX so far, so I’m hoping that her new track “I’ll Never Know” will be the perfect opportunity for me to quietly slip into the growing camp of Charli XCX’s supporters. I’m sort of glad that I’ve allowed time to pass me by, though, because the more of her tracks that emerge, the more she’s justifying becoming one of our most credible potential pop stars. What she’s doing, actually, is quite astounding, and if I’m not hugely mistaken, the sort of crossover brilliance that only rears its beautiful head far too rarely. Despite her age, there’s something mature and interesting about her production and lyrics, something that avoids sounding contrite, contrived or shallow. Unlike most pop stars, she just isn’t trying too hard – she’s not too obvious at all. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how contrived she actually may be, if she’s this good at fooling you, then you’ve just got to let go of your pride and admit; shit, being fooled is completely pleasurable sometimes.