Words to The Wise // La Loca Lohan, Leave Hollywood and Save Yourself.

by WildChild

SNL, a show I never watch, will continue to never watch again.  I pretty much only tuned in for this episode because Jack White was performing…and besides that I didn’t give a hoot about Lindsay Lohan…that is until I was watching a train wreck, or maybe a slow motion car accident.  If this girl really wants to live past the age of 25 she needs to delete her Twitter account, move to the to a remote village in the Midwest, and become a nun.  Hosting SNL after a ridiculous spread in Playboy does not help you, my dear.

I do not think all this is her fault.  In actuality, quite the opposite.  Her family is wretched.  Growing up under all that insanity mixed with the constant bashing from the media means it is time to run.  Seriously…pour out your gin and tonic, put on some clothes, and return the stolen jewelry on your way to your safe haven.

One of the contributing authors to Thought Catalog writes:

I know Lindsay Lohan. Well, actually I don’t. But I know the type. Lindsay Lohan is the girl who comes to your party, does all your coke, screws your boyfriend, and leaves your house in shambles. Yet somehow after all is said and done, you’re still like “Wait, when can I see you again?” You hate her for the things she does but you’re still inexplicably drawn to her. Why? Because she’s exciting. Because she doesn’t quite value her life as much as you do, so she’s capable of doing stuff you only dream about. It’s fun to see her light the match because you never could.

We’re rushing her. We want her to be okay again because America LOVES a comeback but as evidenced on SNL, she’s not ready. She still has to hit some kind of a bottom and we need to let her. SO JUST BACK UP EVERYONE! I don’t care about a lot of celebrities but I do care about Lindsay. Maybe it’s because I feel partially responsible for her downfall. Every time I click on a picture of her falling down wasted, I feel like I’m fueling her addiction rather than helping. God forbid if she ever did die, I would feel like I had blood on my hands. Of course, maybe this is me being too sensitive. Maybe the trajectory of her life has nothing to do with me or the American public. Regardless, I still want her to get better. And I’m not going to pretend that she’s sober and together when she’s clearly not.