Ready for work in under 3 minutes

by WildChild

I set my alarm for 8:25.  I have a 25 minute communte to work plus/minus getting into my safe zone.  Do I think I work for the CIA, yes I think I do.   Therefore…I am giving myself 5 to ten minutes to get ready.  I have seen boyfriend’s not even open their eyes before I am already out the door.

Well today I woke up way late and was out the door in 3 minutes.  Luckily my hair was slicked back from the day before and I have a nice hanging shelf of work clothes next to my bed.  I did the face wash/teeth brushing.  Besides that I ran out without looking back.    The natural/fashionable look, with cheetah, black capris, and 4 inch wedges of course ; )

Maybe THAT is why I have my MA in Fashion & Textile Marketing.  Anyhow I broke my record.

Take note: mornings are for sleeping, but it does not mean you need to look like a fuddy duddy.