Fashion Focus // Business Wear

by WildChild

First and foremost, Ladies, wear heels!  You will be  strutting around the office looking like the cutest business woman ever.  Heels also tone your calves, who doesn’t love to multi-task their lifestyle living routine?

Second: Dress for President Clinton.  I am only saying Bill, because well I like Bill.  Don’t show up like Monica or this will turn into a whole other lesson on adultery.  No thank you.  Dress to impress,  but have some style.  Color does not kill, although I choose to wear black 95% of the time, with a pop of color.  Today I am wearing pink and yellow which totally makes me feel happier as I answer phone call after phone call.  My bright voice matches my outfit for once.


Third: Jewlery, especially a watch.  I have one of the trendy wrap around ones.  It is chic and classy.  Only issue is, I am still on London time, oops.


Basically looking good, makes you feel fierce especially when interacting with coworkers and clients.  So spend some more time and money on your work wardrobe and you will most likely get a raise and possibly an office romance.  Who does not secretly have one anyways, even if it is Larry the customer service guy for paper supplies?  And yes, we only talk via phone.