Alison Mosshart is the definition of BADASS // Treat Me Like Your Mother

by WildChild

“When I was a kid I looked for a look. You know, the look of the obsessed!, in photographs and in sound. I’d play the same record 600 times. The artists I loved, I voided them of their sexual orientation, their names, birth date, they became simply, a heart beat. Mine. I spent every hour dreaming. Every hour searching. I’d talk to those photographs, dead people in photographs that made eye contact with me.Art is life and death, and it doesn’t matter which.”

― alison mosshart

She is in 2 out of my 3 favorite bands.  The Kills and The Dead Weather.  Seeing her live made my girl crush go to a whole new level.  She rocks leopard, leather, and combat gear.  Plus she gets to hang with Jamie Hince and Jack White.

Watch her kill shot during her video with Jack White for Treat Me Like Your Mother.

Stand up like a man
You better learn to shake hands
Look me in the eye now,
Treat me like your mother
C’mon look me in the eye
You want to try to tell a lie?
You can’t
You know why?
I’m just like your mother

Play dumb, play dead
Trying to manipulate
You blink when you breathe
You breathe when you like
You blink when you lie
Who’s got it figured out?
Left right left right?
Who’s got it figured out?
Play straight