Rhye // “I’m a fool for that sound in your songs”

by WildChild

This can almost replace The XX in the ways of “make out” music.






Don’t watch the video if you aren’t into the European via LA soft porn scene.


THE SECRECY OF RHYE: Actually, the “mystery,” so to speak, is not the intention at all, to be honest. We have never really hid our identities; we just haven’t come out right and stated our names in press. The intention behind that is, however, rooted in the fact that we just want people to have their own experience with the music we have created, with no real preconceived notions. We have always thought that music should speak for itself—its success shouldn’t be the result of an attitude projected by the artist. As for liking the mystery, I am completely fine with how it’s all coming out. Actually, I kind of like it—it feels much more humble and true to the music we have created. I have never been into making music for the glory or fame, so this is perfectly fitting for us.

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