by WildChild

At first, “lgoyh” sounds like a sad song. The closing track from Kwes‘ forthcoming debut EP for WarpMeantime, opens with the young London triple-threat (that’s singer/songwriter/producer) singing with a reflective tone in his voice, “I can count the times on a couple of fingers/ That things weren’t wonderful”, warm ambience and faintly creeping bass lying just under his musings. As he told us in our Rising interview with him, though, Kwes’ music isn’t meant to be taken as so heartbreakingly: “These songs are more hopeful as opposed to being melancholy.” And, indeed, there’s hope to be found in the lovers’ advice offered in “lgoyh”, as the stunner of a song slowly opens up to reveal tinkling glockenspiel, richly played piano, and a host of other details, Kwes speaking to his darling dearest with reassurance, “I’m not going anywhere”.