by WildChild

 Read them like you read me. With brutal honesty.  Like making yourself look straight into the mirror, trying to look away, look down but someone is clasping your throat, forcing you to look, to stare into your own soul.  Why would you do that?  Why would I want to know my deepest truths, darkest thoughts, worst attributes?  Why do you want me to know me?  How do you know me? How did you find me, in there, tucked away, under my own rib cage, in-between those bones.  I was settled between those bones, fine with the hiding, fine with the feelings, all those fucking feelings.  How could you pull me outside of myself.  I was cemented.  Cemented and you ripped me out and shed light on me.  Burnt me in the sun like a vampire.  Good for you, for knowing me, finding me and ripping me apart right in the end when I needed you the most to face myself.  You love me, yeah you love me, the thought of settling yourself where you kicked my thoughts to the curb.  Settling yourself there but leaving me in person.  Goodbye, I will keep you tucked away just like you wanted, just between those bones.  This time I hope you get ripped out and thrown away and i finally, finally get my rib cage back.