Welcome to the inner workings of my mind

by WildChild

Didn’t know what this would be 
But I knew I didn’t see
what you thought you saw in me
I jumped the gun
so sure you’d split and run
ready for the worst
before the damage was done

The storm never came
or it never was
didn’t know getting lost in the blue
it meant I wound up losing you

Welcome to the inner workings of my mind
so dark and foul I can’t disguise
can’t disguise
nights like this
I become afraid
of the darkness in my heart

What’s wrong with me
why not understand and see
I never saw
what you saw in me
keep my eyes open
my lips sealed
my heart closed
and my eyes peeled

Make ash and leave the dust behind
Lady Diamond in the sky
wild light
glowing bright
to guide me when I fall 
I fall on tragedy