How MTV Fooled Me Into Watching An Episode of Teen Wolf…Alright 2 Episodes.

by WildChild

I am embarrassed.  Not really but kind of.  A retired TV junkie falling right back into it after watching the end of the horrific MTV Movie Awards.  Please, it was a Sunday. I’m not proud of myself.  Their propaganda left me secretly excited after the awards were over to see these bad boys do their awkward run around the forest.  I mean, obviously…. I had to nonchalantly say.. “oh, let’s  just keep this on for a bit, it looks um really really  horrible”.

It was.  Then I found myself coming back to watch it tonight.  Why? I know why, it’s because of the propaganda.  The cast members that pop up and say “see you there” , you find yourself nodding, and boom– the date is set and you would be rude to miss their meeting.  So there it happened…for the second time.  Once again regretful, but I stopped caring as soon as I wrote this during the commercial break.