So Cosmo Says Your Fat?// My Bi-polar Throwback Playlist

by WildChild

Here it is.  The songs that will never get old and make me wanna either drop kick someone or do the electric slide.  Put on your classiest windbreaker and hit the floor.  The lyrics are priceless and make me so happy.  Two thumbs up.

Ice Ice Baby- Vanilla Ice: Can I please borrow your American flag windbreaker jumpsuit for the holiday or your dance moves?  I DON’T KNOW WHAT I WANT MORE. Word to your mother.

Sex Machine- James Brown: Shake your money maker.

Push It- Salt N Peppa

Gonna Make You Sweat- C & C Music Factory

Can’t Touch This-MC Hammer:  Yo, sound the bell, school is in, sucka

Sir Mix-A-Lot:  Baby Got Back:  Um, money.  How many choreographed dances did I have for this?  How many times did I rap the whole song at the bar and embarrass everyone?

So your girlfriend rolls a Honda
Playin’ workout tapes by Fonda
But Fonda ain’t got a motor in the back of her Honda
My anaconda don’t want none unless you’ve got buns hon

Bad- MJ

YMCA- The Village People: No matter what…you can always find a really special group of people by searching youtube for this song…

That’s when someone came up to me,
And said, young man, take a walk up the street.
It’s a place there called the Y.M.C.A.
They can start you back on your way.

Gettin Jiggy With It- Will Smith:  Had to do this.

I got the fever for the flavor of a crowd pleaser
DJ play another
From the prince of this
Your highness
Only mad chicks ride in my whips