High Tech Mesh // Summer Heat Wave

by WildChild

High tech mesh keeps you looking cool and chic for these hot summer days.  Stop the inferno by wearing the mesh with adorable holes.  Pair it with a cute lacy bandeau or a tiny tank! It has totally helped me stave off the heat.  See it all here FashionAde! For more information on the company see below.

Check out the website for start-up company  FashionAde! FashionAde makes being fashionable easy, stress free, and fun by having the consumer interact with the clothing via a “virtual closet”.  The closet helps women actually wear what they own.  Prior to starting this company, extensive marketing research was done proving that women spend a great deal of money on clothes that “sit” in their closet unworn.  Yes, we are all guilty of it!  FashionAde has partnered with some of the most fashionable and influential  brands out there including Saks Fifth Avenue, French Connection, Nordstrom, Zappos, Piperlime, Gap, and more that help to provide you with examples of what you can add to your wardrobe and where to purchase it!  This is a new era in online shopping that creates an unbelievable user experience.