Yeah, that’s the title to my first single.

by WildChild

Everyday I wake up, I look in the mirror and I see something.  I’m not sure what but it is half of what I am.  Half of what I am to be. I have power. I have a laugh that kills.  A smile that breaks hearts.  Eyes that make you want to fall in love.  Thoughts that penetrate your mind so deeply I linger on the insides for days.  A stare that opens your soul and makes you feel watched.  I’ve been told no one knows what I am really thinking because my act is a superb performance.  That person was my boyfriend, and he is not anymore.  I believe I bowed instead of shed a tear at the end of many endings.

I have kissed, danced, laughed, electrified, wrote, guessed, smiled, been flawless.

I have manipulated, mind-fucked, cried, screamed, kicked, grabbed, smacked, been treturous. 

I am me.  I am fucked. We are all mind-fucked.