CrimePush // App Spotlight

by WildChild

Listen, those of you who know me, know that I can drop kick a few people.  Basically, I am a taekwondo master.  However, safety first you knuckle heads!  We live in a world where crime is the NORM, safety and security are NOT guaranteed and finally we have a real chance to use technology to do something about it!  Introducing,  CrimePush! This app is perfect for EVERY citizen.  There is no limit to this target market.  Oh, and guess what, it’s FREE , simple, efficient, and finally someone has created it!  Thanks to co-founders Shayan and Eman Pahlevani whose personal incidents with crime have inspired the revolutionary mobile app.

The sign up process is easy, efficient and user-friendly.  Allow your GPS location to be shared, enter your emergency contacts, and you are ready to use all the features.  App users are able to push along GPS embedded crime tips and distress messages that include video, audio, text, and photos.  The ease of use not only helps define the origin, time, and point of the crime for authorities but drastically raises the chances of the crimes being submitted!

Smart additions are the “Safety box” loaded with essential safety tools: maps, a flashlight, and emergency contact numbers.

This is an innovative and game-changing public safety mobile application available for your iPhone and Android.

CrimePush is now available on iTunes and Google Play.  I highly recommend this user-friendly APP.

Look for the official press release on July 10th.

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