The Crime Reporting Smartphone Application Of The Future // Tech Trends

by WildChild

This week a lot of buzz has erupted about CrimePush, the newest mobile utility application that uses GPS to alert emergency facilities at the push of a button.  Major media this week includes:

Fox 5



Huffington Post

So far, the reviews are 5 star, and the download rate is increasing rapidly.  Police departments, colleges, and organizations are buzzing about the application and emails are flooding in about customized apps.  How do you feel about the application?  In my opinion, this application is one that users desperately needed, and will utilized for and prove successful for many situations, emergency and non-emergency.  Main features include distress messaging (emergency and medical conatcs, Facebook, and Twitter)

pushback notifications, reporting incidents shown in the screenshot below, and more:

For more info and updates:



Go to CrimePush to learn more and download the app for your iPhone or Android.