“where they hide the secret key to my consciousness”

by WildChild

Blogging.  A curiously fantastic way to express a passing thought, a perfectly imperfect photograph, memories of laughter and memories of tears.  Love lost and gained.  Art. Culture. Life.

At times no one is reading and at others you are simply surprised by the many connections and pieces of you that resonate with a stranger thousands of miles away.

I received a message today from an old high school mate.  Someone I was never truly close with but a person I respected and admired nonetheless.

Today I received this message and today I finally felt like it was worth it to take my time on this seemingly unimportant blog that I created during a horrible case of procrastination from my dissertation.  My time to carefully archive my inspirations, the clips of life that I bent to fit into one blog post.  This is what the message said, and I do hope it is okay to share as I found it to be quite poetic and lovely.

though I am a loyal blog follower of yours, I missed a few weeks and was catching up today, while being a super anxious grad student back from vacation and spending a day procrastinating… anyway I was pretty inspired so I thought I’d share what resulted

it’s the right amount of sex appeal
the provocative colors
imagery, imagination, grace
the simple poetry
lighting the fire inside
pulling me into something deeper
between the lines
where they hide the secret key
to my consciousness

teleporting me home
from any physical existence

Truly quite lovely.  Am I right?

Thank you for reading, for following, and for sharing your talent with me.