“Jack’s in Touch” // Vote Bauer President 2012

by WildChild

Always ready.

Middle class man, a real go getter, since BIRTH (with the certificate to prove it).

Jack is cool, even with a seatbelt.

He walks you.

Wakes up for emergency situations.

But sleeps like a gentleman.

“No Anne, I wont buy you another Cadillac” 

Killer office view.

Jack knows how to chill.

And knows when it’s time to get back to work.

The head of the family.

A family man.

Hates to see people go.

So he mastered Skype to chat.

Pro-choice.  Respectfully.

Runs to help, without a backwards glance.

Takes a stance on gun control.

Obama and Romney, I ask you….can you handle this?