15 Seconds to Fame….Yeah!!!

by WildChild

So in my endless traversing of the wilds of the internet, I come across this:

I did a little more digging around to find out what the deal is, and it’s actually pretty cool: Pizza Hut, the pizzeria of my childhood.  I’m not the only one who remembers being really excited about Personal Pan Pizzas as a kid, am I right? The thrill of having my own pizza…..all to myself? Just me? Okay.  Pizza Hut is calling for fun viral-style videos about pizza and football. Best part: it looks like the best video/videos will be featured as a commercial in one of the BIGGEST GAMES on TV in 2013.

This is what I love about the Internet: random dude with a football and a cell phone and five minutes can end up on nation-wide TV with practically NO effort. The idea of instant fame is awfully enticing. Not to mention the honorable mentions are all cash prizes — instant fame AND fortune.

I checked out the videos that have already been uploaded and I’ve been brainstorming ideas for my own. Rube Goldberg football machines? Hiking a pizza? A barbershop quartet singing “Hut”? If only I knew anyone who could sing . . .

The whole spiel is here: brief.  The deadline’s REALLY soon, so if you’re in, you must start scrambling or you

may just fumble– seems appropriate for a video about football.