The Boomerang Kids

by WildChild

It is always a strange moment when you stop, for that one precious second you have to catch your breath and take in the scenery.  Where are you?  What are you doing?  Where did the time go?  Have you successfully accomplished what you wanted to by this exact moment?


As I mull uncomfortably in my own memories shuffling me to this moment I stumble upon these ranting thoughts, “I thought I would be head of this that and the other thing, written my first smashing success of a novel,  white bi-eyed husky at my side, and fabulous Louboutins on my feet paired with a desirable piece from The Row F/W 2013 collection. Oh and of course be in a wonderful witty relationship with the man of my dreams, McHottie.”

The reality of the situation is far less riveting, but possibly more of an exciting ride: “My budget does not allow for the clothing I fantasize for, my success obviously not a great as I imagined, my writing chopped up into drafts in a Word doc, I do not possibly have enough time for a dog when I can hardly chose between brushing my hair or finding matching socks in the morning, and the man situation, let’s just say that my Prince Charming has not arrived.”

This is a rare moment, a moment of self-reflection that I feel my generation does not give much time to comprehend.   Why? Dreams are just that, dreams.  The reality is so far from the delusion we imagined for ourselves years ago.

As the New York Times shares, the 20 somethings  are always moving, whether it be from a job, country, relationship, school, or bed.  A 20 something’s life changes with every breath of fresh air, wind sweeping by, or life changing track that Spotify gifted one sunny afternoon.  That is the sweetness of life, not due to lack of effort.  We 20 somethings adapt, courses change, new patterns emerge, some far better and some worse.

Now how do we measure success without comparison to previous pipe dreams? Pure and simple.  Are you happy?