Email From a Fellow 20 Something Former College Rooommate #NOFILTER

by WildChild

The awkward world of dating:

 so date went great, we had lots to talk about, seemingly a lot in common and a nice connection (east coast etc). So on friday he was like lets go to venice and grab a few drinks.  So I agreed and told him I was bringing my friend because i had already made plans to hang out with her. we had a great time- danced, drank and by the end of the night he was def acting really flirty with me but i was just going with the flow wasn’t sure how i felt about him just yet. I was def attracted but didnt know if that was all.
  so we leave the 3rd bar..and he pulls out a pack of parliament cigarettes on our walk to the next place. I was like ‘oh you smoke? didnt know that” and he said “yea not a lot but like a pack every 4 days-ish and i’m sure to mask it very well so i dont smell at work, etc.”
  ok so my current thing on smoking..i don’t care if a guy has a cig or two when drinking or occasional (aka not a total deal breaker) but I def could NEVER date a smoker, especially someone who buys his own packs of cigs.  nope.
but i was like ok.. don’t write him off yet hes cool and cute, treats me well and MAYBE you can be the person to make him stop his bad habbit..At the last bar we went to..he sneak attacked a kiss in.  I instantly did not feel the “weak in the knees” sparks but still wasnt ready to write him off because a lot of my past relationship have been progressive..aka the guy grows on me.
so the 3 of us go back to his house to crash on his sofa because we didnt want to drive after a few drinks. He was really imperative that we stay over and not drive and i was like we will only stay if ali and i get your bed.. and he agreed  but said he first had to get “jiggs and some pjs” out of there
  and i was like huh? whats jiggs? I walk into his room as he quickly scurries to gather his pajamas and jiggs..a one eyed teddy bear.
 Naturally i began to giggle…thinking ok this has to be a joke this guy is like 27. But he could NOT have been more serious.
he was a mini from the movie.
Smaller than the standard teddy bear size. 
We said our goodnights and he came in for another kiss and i almost gagged at the smell of parliaments on his breathe. Ali and I went to sleep and i walked out in the morning and he was cuddling with jiggs on the sofa. Before we left the next morning i was like “so where’s jiggs other eye?”.. and he was like “oh its in a ziploc bag in my dresser i just don’t know how to sew”
he keeps calling me to hangout and i cant do….it….
Yesterday he texted me saying “drinks after work today?” I responded with a youtube video of
“how to sew a teddy bear’s eye back on” ..he responded with “aw so cute you’re thinking of jiggs and I.” 
How do i let this guy..and his teddy bear…down easy…..