That is space rape. XOXO Girls.

by WildChild

We are girls.  We like to do weird things.  Creepy things make us smile.  You know you love it when we:

club 1.jpg

1. Hula Hoop in our underwear.

2. Cheer when a lower calorie beer comes out (those extra 9 calories sucked and really made me feel like Beyonce).

3. Rap the full Rump Shaker song.

4. Cry when Ryan Gosling stopped making new songs for Dead Man’s Bones.

5.  Put bronzer on our feet and curl our lashes.

6. Paint our dogs nails.

7. Drink red wine in the bathtub, oh and on a white rug while dancing.  Resolve?

8. Boogie like its 1999 in front of the mirror….for three hours.

9.  Shake our rump down ghetto streets thinking the crazy will keep the crazy away.

10. Write things on our to do list that we’ve done just so we can cross something off.

11.  Say we are working out, by going to the mall and shopping….in heels.  Really good for those calf muscles.

12.  Selfies you mean….self portrait.

13. Go to the bathroom in pairs and trios.

14.  Text our outfits over and over to our friends before we leave the house.

15. Smoke…the crack.

Why don’t you lay this thing down, flip it, and reverse it because I don’t think it’s very nice.