orange you glad you’re my valentine? <3<3<3

by WildChild

My Valentine’s Day last year was hilarious.  I went out to dinner in D.C. with someone  I cared about, we had an fantastic experience because we were both weird, and totally fine people watching in this cramped little “romantic” room, poking jokes and being weird.  We rejected each others gifts with true sincerity.  New couples, old couples, angry couples and just plain boring couples were our roommates.  We were the kind of couple that could get cozy in a candlelit setting, or slide our table up to some cool looking people and talk about how cats feel in their Petsmart cages.  We could lay on a blanket in Dupont Circle crawling with rats and babies.  Both would crawl up to us and I was scared of the baby, turning my back as he played with it while laughing at my honest asshole tendencies.  Back to it, we then proceeded to drive by Rock Creek Cemetery and both looked at each other as we passed and it went like……From a French Restaurant to a Graveyard.

This is why Valentine’s Day seems like one big wanker joke.  Guys and girls are forced to give cards, chocolate, furry friends (WHAT?), and flowers.  I have spent many moons with my friends helping them find the cutest lingerie and the best sign off in a love letter sprayed with Clinique Happy circa 2002.  Try not slipping into the hole of hellish dating on V day, V for v….. (my mom reads this).  Go out on the 13th, party rock on the 15th but say no to the 14th unless you can call this person your good friend as well, or Christian Grey.  If you don’t have that special someone who would most likely want to just stay in and see you in your t-shirt and comfy pants then what are you celebrating?  I sound like a John Mayer “Comfortable” cliche.  Now that that is sorted….basically people are out there trying way too hard, likely on some serious xanax and anti-depressants trying their best to smile as the creep gives them a ruffie and then the nights a blur.