Make a Wish Wild Children

by WildChild

The complications of being complicated is extremely complicated.  Not to mention bloody messy.  Complicators, a breed of their own, seem to be unable to make things not difficult.  Whether it be in friendships, romance, jobs, family, and plain old life, the sheer fact of things being easy, simple and structured make them run like the wind to the nearest adult beverage store.

This breed comes in all shapes and sizes and tends to either enhance their own personal allure, or scare everyone to the real life version of The Hills Have Eyes due to it’s Disney-like comparison to encountering the complicator.  Someone needs to sick Freud on these people cause man oh man, it’s going to be a bumpy ride if they do not learn how to fasten their seat belts and just sit down and enjoy something or someone for more than a nano second.

The complicator also has issues with “accepting the love we think we deserve” (Stephen Chbosky).  Perhaps all the squirming is a self destruct mechanism used to push others away and settle for chaos over completion.  Affairs over relationships. Freelance over stability.  Passion over comfort.  Long nights over early mornings.  

Possibly this person just needs some serious shock therapy because they may be utterly and truly screwed.  Maybe, just maybe, this is all part of the newest and frequently discussed age trend….the twenty-somethings.  Hey, maybe it will all blow over on our 30th birthday’s.  Make a wish wild children.