“If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience.” ― Woodrow Wilson

by WildChild

After reading Amanda’s, AKA Goldilocks and the Wolf’s, article on Buzzfeed it got me to thinking about my own experience with my dogs and how they change my life daily.  Her article pointed out how animals can save you, just as much as you save them. Amanda saved Kyro, realized that she had the strength to leave an abusive relationship because of her bond and love with Kyro and went on to become a passionate photographer that has incredible adventures with Kyro everyday.  Her instagram is @goldilockandthewolf.

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I was lucky enough to meet Amanda and the beautiful Kyro through the Seattle Runs Husky Group.  From there we became friends as did our dogs.

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Friendships in these groups are simple, we show up for the massive husky runs, sometimes meet up with just a few of us for photo sessions but all in all it is all for our dogs and great for the human owners to bond over their unique love for their “dogs.”


I hate using the word dogs, I feel as if Jersey and London are more like friends.  When you decide to bring a dog into your life whether it is saving it, or purchasing it from a reputable breeder it changes you.  This life decision alters who you are, betters you as a person and helps you grow.  Since Jersey was my first puppy we had all the time in the world to understand each other.  In this time we created a mutual respect, an unbreakable bond.  She is my equal.


I may buy the food, walk her, take care of her, but she takes care of me.  I cannot hide my emotions from her like I can from a close friend or even family member, if I am sick she is by my side, if I can’t sleep she wont close her eyes either, the list goes on.  Her empathy and love is the most unique relationship experience, and most enjoyed and appreciated one I have.  For those who haven’t owned a dog it will be hard to understand that they are not “just dogs”.

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When I brought London into the fold she brought another unique perspective to my life.  Complete and utter joy.  No matter how wild and crazy she is I can always count on being incredibly happy and have a stomach pained from gut wrenching laughter.  The two of them, so different created my perfect little family.

jersey london

Dogs are a not only a companion, but a best friend, a bright light when the days are a bit too dark. My furkids are something I wouldn’t trade for the world and I know they wouldn’t trade me either.


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