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Lily Trotters: Fitness + Fashion + Medical

by WildChild

Lily Trotters Testimonial!

Growing up I was an athlete, running from practice to practice, sometimes up to three after school.  I THRIVED off the competition and physical demands of athletics.



Junior year I was all set to start scouting out colleges to play field hockey and/or basketball until I was diagnosed with Chronic Compartment Syndrome.  For those who do not know this condition it feels like your legs are on FIRE.

Additional information (source WebMD):

Groups of organs or muscles are organized into areas called compartments. Strong webs of connective tissue called fascia form the walls of these compartments.

After an injury, vigorous exercise, blood or edema (fluid resulting from inflammation or injury) may accumulate in the compartment. The tough walls of fascia cannot easily expand, and compartment pressure rises, preventing adequate blood flow to tissues inside the compartment. Severe tissue damage can result, with loss of body function or even death.


I played through the pain with lots of PT, electrical muscle stimulation, ice baths, until it was unbearable and decided to forego my senior year Varsity Basketball season for a double fasciotomy on both my legs.  The surgery was unsuccessful.

Life was tough for a while, I identified as an athlete, it was who I was.  So instead of giving up on my active lifestyle I slowly began to try long distance running.  I researched the best techniques, trained, stretched, educated myself and began to do longer and longer distances but was limited by my pace and distance.

When I found out about Lily Trotters and the benefits compression socks could have for my condition I was so ready to get them on and go for a run. Not only could I run further and faster, but my recovery time was cut in half.  It was also easy to keep up with my Siberian Husky 🙂 My ice calf sleeves for recovery weren’t even necessary anymore!  lt2

Not to mention these socks are aesthetically pleasing!  My MA in Fashion and Textile Marketing makes me a very picky dresser, even when I am “on the run”.


Lily Trotters Kickstarter campaign launches July 14th, 2015!  Be sure to sign up here to get special deals and all the information necessary!



Die By The Drop

by WildChild

Let’s dig a hole in the sand, brother
A little grave we can fill together
I got myself a problem
That I been looking to sell

Some people die just a little
Sometimes you die by the drop
Some people die in the middle
I live just fine on the top

New Balance WR00 Minimus // My Running Footage Summer 2012

by WildChild

“I thought it was bodies that feel pain, but maybe skin and flesh and bones are protecting something exquisitely tender inside.”

by WildChild

It’s never too late to become what you might have been. -George Elliot

by WildChild

“A run begins the moment you forget you are running.” -Adidas

by WildChild

So, my New Year’s resolution was to run a marathon.  Finally today I started by doing a full 10 miles through Arlington Cemetery, down to the memorials, back over memorial bridge and down the hill onto GW parkway to Theodore Roosevelt Island, through the island, and back through the city of Roslyn to my home.  It was a beautiful day which made this run all the more easier.  I switched back to my Brooks Glycerin’s because my toes are getting too cold in my Five Fingers.  I really need to buy the toe socks for them.

My usual training consists of:

1.  Early morning workouts: since this will be at the gym I will need 1 hour of cardio and a half hour of strength training.  Low weights, high reps.

2. Night yoga sessions: Stretching is necessary to ensure flexibility and escape cramping of the muscles.

3.  No late meals: No meals after 7 to ensure a good night’s rest,  however the last meal must be high carb for energy purposes.

4. Small Meals: 6 small meals a day full of fruits, veggies, granola, egg whites, etc.  I stocked up on Trader Joe’s this weekend and made sure I had all the good stuff.

5.  Patience:  I tend to up my miles at a not so doctor recommended  pace.  Thus far my body has been able to tolerate it, and hopefully it still will.  I’ll have to be careful of my left knee which has been a bit testy ever since my mountain run in Palm Desert.

6.  Weight monitoring:  As any long distance runner knows, pounds shed off quite quickly.  Monitoring your weight is very important, because you may lose some crucial strength.

7. Rest:  Rest on the days your body tells you.  Instead of your 1.5 hour workout, try some lifestyle living techniques.  I usually try to run the stairs at work, park farther away, etc.

8. Water:  I cannot say this enough.  Water will make or break any run.  Make sure you have water bottles, and access to water fountains for refills during your workout.

Any recommendations any other runners out there have for me, feel free to give me advice!

“Stadiums are for spectators. We runners have nature and that is much better.”

by WildChild

Last run on the left coast for a while.  I put my miles in, found some news trails,  fresh air and some rain.  I am going to miss my runs on the mountain.

N-n-now that that don’t kill me–Can only make me stronger

by WildChild

I have not really been doing my usual workout’s, so today I went bananas.

I started off at Bon Air Park in Arlington, VA.  This is a beautiful park that connects with 4 trails: Custis, WO&D, 4 Mile Run and Bluemont Junction.  It has a Rose, Sanctuary, Sunflower Garden, Bird Sanctuary, etc…  There are volleyball, tennis, and basketball courts.  Soccer, and baseball fields.  It’s my heaven.

Next I went and played some basketball for an hour.

Then I picked up a new iPod Nano with the Nike + tech in it.  Love it.  Obviously I had to do another run.  The run worked out perfectly, the sun was going down over the Potomac, I ran around the cemetery, over Memorial Bridge, and ran the steps by the monuments a few times.  The sky was a bright pink that reflected on the water, I wish I had my camera with me!

In summation I did over 12 miles today, plus basketball.  Loved it, will probably regret it in the morning.  My poor five fingered footsies 🙂


by WildChild

Irene really messed up Custis Trail in Arlington, VA.  I know we only received a taste of her wrath, and hope that everywhere else is doing okay.  Here are some photos from my interesting run this morning.  I literally had to do foot fire, the limbo, and dodge debris in the 20 MPH winds that were still occurring.  Then I played pick up sticks with fellow runners and cyclists that were upset with the damage done to one of the best running paths in DC.

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After the Storm

Trail Etiquette

by WildChild

Listen up, another crucial announcement.  I have almost been seriously injured due to chubby running grenades.  I am ALL about getting your fitness on, but not when it endangers my life.  I understand that when it’s sunny, you want a tan. So maybe you strip down a bit, shorter shorts, sports bra, etc… who knows?  Whatever floats your boat (unless your boat is going to SINK another).  I don’t care…until you are running in front of me and BOOM, I see the biggest butt ever, in the smallest shorts ever, with the biggest wedgie EVER.  I had to close my eyes (literally I was blinded).  I slipped off the track, and almost hit a tree.  Luckily my ninja moves saved the day and I rolled onto the grass just before the catastrophe.  So listen, keep it on, if you have nothing going on.  Got it?  Good.

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