tell me a story ma

Welcome to Wild Children, focused originally on my job search while simultaneously writing my dissertation on enhancing New Balance’s marketing strategy through a thorough examination of Nike’s celebrity endorsements (see below).  I came back to the states from England to write the dissertation and perform my job search.  My life for 3 months consisted of sleeping on my sister’s couch, 3 AM Skype calls with my tutors to discuss my progress, followed by navigating the metro system in a hundred degree weather to go to interviews.  In the end it was a great success and after the storm Wild Children became even a little more wild with posts on absolutely everything!

Run Baby Run focuses on capturing images and videos during my long distance runs.  I was diagnosed with compartment syndrome  my junior year of high school and had an unsuccessful double fasciotomy on both legs done to try and relieve my issue.  I did not have the operation performed prior to my senior year because I wanted to keep playing so instead did physical therapy, and had a trainer at my side at most all sporting events, especially states, to massage my muscles down.  In the end I was unable to continue my athletics in college and sank into quite a funk because I lost a huge part of myself.   In turn I found a passion for long distance running which did not inflame my muscles nearly as much as my athletics.  Running is a large part of my life and I travel to places all over the world and head off straight away on foot with camera in hand.  I have seen amazing things, and found treasures that one would not find by car.  On the blog I also will be covering the Olympics, especially the sports marketing techniques used to promote each athlete and country, and fitness tips.

My newest blog Whisky Tango Foxtrotting, which began as a learning tool and quickly turned into a fun passion.  The content is a bit more personal and LOUD (beware, it is not for everyone as there are no filters as I want full freedom of expression).  My mind works 24/7 and storytelling is my main focus. They are both fictional and nonfictional but have an impact on me nonetheless.   I am constantly writing in my journal and typing up notes on my iPhone so I can remember that brief passing of an idea and grow something special out of it.  Some are rambling thoughts, others dark&twisty stories.  The website is also more aesthetically pleasing and I look forward to sharing my inner workings of my mind and providing an outlet for others.  The guest submissions create collaborative art, and a more thrilling read.  If you are interested in writing a piece, feel free to contact me.