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Little Bandaged Days by Kyra Wilder // Book Review

by WildChild

Little Bandaged Days was a stunning debut of a novel that had me feeling as if I was slowly losing my mind with the main character. The writing technique that Kyra Wilder used was beyond debut novel status and I felt every bit of dread and apprehension she did.

The book is based on a family, young mother with two children and a husband moving to another country for the husbands job. She is left to her own devices and tries to put up a good front for her husband who seems to never be home. This is an important story of not just mental health but the toll it takes to move to another country without support and without asking for it until it is too late. It was a truly sad and haunting experience that you could feel in your core.

I’ll stop there as I do not want to spoil anything. Happy reading!

Thank you Net Galley and Abrams books for the advanced copy. Available April 2021.

America’s Future: Pete Buttigieg

by WildChild

“At times like this, it would be helpful if our country had a president”

No truer words were spoken by Mayor Pete yesterday to a group of supporters in Parkland, Florida. This is where he rolled out “An Action Plan to Combat the National Threat Posed by Hate and the Gun Lobby” in front of many of those who were affected by the Pulse nightclub and Parkland domestic terrorism acts.

pete 1

Yesterday was a day that was meant to be a day full of unity for our country to heal after these mass shootings.  Instead it , unsurprisingly, was turned into another day of hate and divisiveness in our country by our “leader”. While flying from Dayton to El Paso, after seeing the pain and destruction Trump jumped on Twitter to spread more hate to the places he just left and tear those cities and people down.

pete 3

In comes Mayor Pete. Is he young? Yes. Is that a bad thing. No. He is 37. He is in our generation of mass shootings, domestic terrorism, climate change, and will fight for not only us but himself. He is composed. He is thoughtful. We need someone who can make our country feel dignified again. We need credibility with our allies. We need to heal as a nation.

pete 2

This is why I am working with his grassroots campaign team. Please invest in our future, in your child’s, grandchild’s future. I truly believe that is what Pete Buttigieg is. Our future.

Thank you.

“If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience.” ― Woodrow Wilson

by WildChild

After reading Amanda’s, AKA Goldilocks and the Wolf’s, article on Buzzfeed it got me to thinking about my own experience with my dogs and how they change my life daily.  Her article pointed out how animals can save you, just as much as you save them. Amanda saved Kyro, realized that she had the strength to leave an abusive relationship because of her bond and love with Kyro and went on to become a passionate photographer that has incredible adventures with Kyro everyday.  Her instagram is @goldilockandthewolf.

enhanced-31740-1445552756-11amdna 7

I was lucky enough to meet Amanda and the beautiful Kyro through the Seattle Runs Husky Group.  From there we became friends as did our dogs.

amanda 6amanda1

Friendships in these groups are simple, we show up for the massive husky runs, sometimes meet up with just a few of us for photo sessions but all in all it is all for our dogs and great for the human owners to bond over their unique love for their “dogs.”


I hate using the word dogs, I feel as if Jersey and London are more like friends.  When you decide to bring a dog into your life whether it is saving it, or purchasing it from a reputable breeder it changes you.  This life decision alters who you are, betters you as a person and helps you grow.  Since Jersey was my first puppy we had all the time in the world to understand each other.  In this time we created a mutual respect, an unbreakable bond.  She is my equal.


I may buy the food, walk her, take care of her, but she takes care of me.  I cannot hide my emotions from her like I can from a close friend or even family member, if I am sick she is by my side, if I can’t sleep she wont close her eyes either, the list goes on.  Her empathy and love is the most unique relationship experience, and most enjoyed and appreciated one I have.  For those who haven’t owned a dog it will be hard to understand that they are not “just dogs”.

a 1 a2

When I brought London into the fold she brought another unique perspective to my life.  Complete and utter joy.  No matter how wild and crazy she is I can always count on being incredibly happy and have a stomach pained from gut wrenching laughter.  The two of them, so different created my perfect little family.

jersey london

Dogs are a not only a companion, but a best friend, a bright light when the days are a bit too dark. My furkids are something I wouldn’t trade for the world and I know they wouldn’t trade me either.


Follow our adventures on instagram @whiskey_tango_foxtrotting

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Lily Trotters: Fitness + Fashion + Medical

by WildChild

Lily Trotters Testimonial!

Growing up I was an athlete, running from practice to practice, sometimes up to three after school.  I THRIVED off the competition and physical demands of athletics.



Junior year I was all set to start scouting out colleges to play field hockey and/or basketball until I was diagnosed with Chronic Compartment Syndrome.  For those who do not know this condition it feels like your legs are on FIRE.

Additional information (source WebMD):

Groups of organs or muscles are organized into areas called compartments. Strong webs of connective tissue called fascia form the walls of these compartments.

After an injury, vigorous exercise, blood or edema (fluid resulting from inflammation or injury) may accumulate in the compartment. The tough walls of fascia cannot easily expand, and compartment pressure rises, preventing adequate blood flow to tissues inside the compartment. Severe tissue damage can result, with loss of body function or even death.


I played through the pain with lots of PT, electrical muscle stimulation, ice baths, until it was unbearable and decided to forego my senior year Varsity Basketball season for a double fasciotomy on both my legs.  The surgery was unsuccessful.

Life was tough for a while, I identified as an athlete, it was who I was.  So instead of giving up on my active lifestyle I slowly began to try long distance running.  I researched the best techniques, trained, stretched, educated myself and began to do longer and longer distances but was limited by my pace and distance.

When I found out about Lily Trotters and the benefits compression socks could have for my condition I was so ready to get them on and go for a run. Not only could I run further and faster, but my recovery time was cut in half.  It was also easy to keep up with my Siberian Husky 🙂 My ice calf sleeves for recovery weren’t even necessary anymore!  lt2

Not to mention these socks are aesthetically pleasing!  My MA in Fashion and Textile Marketing makes me a very picky dresser, even when I am “on the run”.


Lily Trotters Kickstarter campaign launches July 14th, 2015!  Be sure to sign up here to get special deals and all the information necessary!



“Thank You And Sorry” Bleachers

by WildChild

Bleachers is a band that crept up on everyone, and just keeps reaching into my number one spot.  The music sealed the deal for me already with its 80’s, High Fidelity vibe; the lyrics with their passion, vulnerability, and relatable nature; the live show with the pure ecstatic feeling of being part of something bigger.  This is something I have never felt before at a show, it felt as if the band had been around for decades, not just starting their first tour.   f4a3d40020258a2de5eccd0a5cd6a77c

His docuseries is coming out soon, where we get to see how he lives his life with the motto of “Thank You And Sorry”.  Something I believe most of us can relate to.  All in all, I hope he stands outside Lena’s apartment with a boom box raised over his head playing “Wake Me”.

Jack Antonoff originally drew me in due to his New Jersey boy vibe, agoraphobic ways and fabulous cut of shorts with the pockets wiggling out.  Not to mention this strange human mingles with the best in the biz like girlfriend Lena Dunham, and friends Taylor Swift,Grimes and Sia.jck3 jck1 jack

And if you aren’t convinced he is someone we should look up to: “Social paralysis is strong and stands firmly in the way of change on the ground level. As allies, we have to prepare ourselves to step into the fire when necessary, even – and especially – when said fire is merely a still-lit cigarette tossed carelessly onto the street.” Jack Antonoff


A Letter To My Sister / E.E. Cummings

by WildChild

As a child I was the little rebel, the brat in timeout, the girl with her tongue sticking out while “in the chair”. You were the one who smiled sweetly, warmed peoples hearts with you cute words of “I love so and so” …. and it usually ended with “God”.  Those home videos still do make me crack up.


You have this ambition and air about you that exudes a quiet type of confidence.  Not the normal type, the type that you have the ability to do what you need to do to sleep well at night, help others, be a great friend, lovely daughter, caring sister, and amazing fiance.   girl-hair-photography-sunshine-Favim.com-527749

When I think of courage, I think of you. When I think of love, I think of you. When I think of respect, I think of you. You are a pioneer and you are so good at being the older sister, I almost think you were born just to guide me. Pick me up when I fall down.  “Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world simply by being there for each other.”
― Carol Saline535036849ec1b

If I were sentimental enough, I would say this to your face, oh wait that is my duty in a short few weeks.  But being who I am you will receive the love in public but always filled with silly side notes for self preservation, you probably taught me this as well.

This wedding has been coming for quite some time, but today it truly dawned on me today that you really found your person and that is what you deserve, pure happiness.  You will always be moving forward but you are never someone to leave others behind.  If we weren’t hundreds of miles away I would hug you because even though I’ve caught up to you in height, you still make me feel like a little girl.  So I’ll say this quietly and so softly you might never hear it because I hope you already know…. i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart).  And as always, thank you for being you.

T.H. White // The Once and Future King

by WildChild

She hardly ever thought of him. He had worn a place for himself in some corner of her heart, as a sea shell, always boring against the rock, might do. The making of the place had been her pain. But now the shell was safely in the rock. It was lodged, and ground no longer.


Up for Discussion – Critiquing

by WildChild

I’m a princess cut from marble, smoother than a storm // Lorde // Yellow Flicker Beat

by WildChild

I dream all year, but they’re not the sweet kinds
And the shivers move down my shoulder blades in double time

This is the start of how it all ends
They used to shout my name, now they whisper it

I’m speeding up and this is the
Red, orange, yellow flicker beat sparking up my heart
We rip the start, the colours disappear
I never watch the stars there’s so much down here
So I just try to keep up with them
Red, orange, yellow flicker beat sparking up my heart


New Music: Mitski “Townie”

by WildChild

On Mitski’s 3rd album, “Bury Me at Make Out Creek” she has hit a new sound that seems to leave her lyrics fighting inside her mind’s inner-dialogue.  The song is more punk rock combined with a spice of poetry, think Sylvia Plath and self-deprecation.


My favorite lines:

“I want a love that falls as fast as a body from the balcony/ And I want a kiss like my heart is hitting the ground,”

“I’m holding my breath with a baseball bat”


Pitchfork Review


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